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I’m embarking on a large thematic project this year centering around the idea of "the mirage".

I’m interested in the mirage as a taunting illusion. It takes the form of something which does not exist in an environment when the viewer might need it most. The mirage can not be obtained, it can not offer sustenance in the form of water, and it can not be touched. I wonder if I can link this natural phenomenon to something ubiquitous in our current time frame.  I’m working to form a connection between the mirage and concepts of “the virtual”. Both are immaterial, unknowable, and beyond our ability to touch.

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The mirage of course is an optical illusion which only comes to exist under certain environmental circumstances (warm sunny day, absorbent ground, and a certain vantage point from the viewer). When the conditions are just right, light bends and distorts as it is seen resulting in a mirrored illusion often perceived as water.

The Mirage + The Virtual

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this project or learn more about my work.

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